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  1. Hamptons Style Bedroom
    Home styling tips

    Top tips to designing a Hamptons-style bedroom

    The Hamptons never go out of style. 

    As the getaway destination of choice for New York’s elite, this seaside holiday hotspot embodies relaxed elegance and coastal chic all year round. And while the Hamptons are reserved for the lucky few, its style is accessible to many — provided you know how to achieve the look in your home.

    From the outdoor area to the living and dining room, each space in a Hamptons home is carefully curated for maximum style and comfort…and none is as integral to relaxation than the bedroom. Follow these five tips to style a Hamptons-style bedroom that’s so snug, it’ll be hard to leave.

    Stick with neutral foundations 

    Like any Hamptons home, the bedroom should be a sanctuary for blissful nights of sleep and lazy morning lie-ins. To achieve this, you have to start by creating a room that’s as stylish

    Home styling tips
  2. Strawberry and Chamomile Sponge Cake
    Design inspiration

    The Graze Collection: Magdalena's Recipe for Strawberry and Chamomile Sponge Cake

    Swap the traditional sponge cake for this elevated strawberry and chamomile delight, straight from the kitchen of journalist, food writer and cook book author Magdalena Roze.

    This fool-proof recipe is for a beautiful sponge that can make the base of many a special occasion. The cake is light and fluffy, but that doesn’t mean it compromises on flavour — in fact, quite the opposite. With the earthy flavours of chamomile and the bright, tart taste of strawberries, this sponge cake deserves a spot in the family recipe books.

    Serves 10



    • 4 eggs, room temperature
    Design inspiration
  3. Sofa buying guide - common mistakes
    Buying guides

    6 common mistakes to avoid when buying a sofa

    Along with your bed and dining table, your sofa is one of the most significant purchases that you’ll make for your home. It’s where you spend most of your downtime at home, chatting with family and friends, watching TV shows together or unwinding with a good book.

    Buying a sofa is a big decision, and the more prepared you are, the happier you’ll be with your new purchase. If you’re in the market for a new couch in the near future, avoid these 6 common mistakes when buying a sofa.

    1. Buying only for looks, not function

    Sure, your sofa should look great. But it’s also equally as important to consider how practical it will be in your daily life. 

    You may have always dreamed of having a

    Buying guides
  4. Living room style tips
    Home styling tips

    Natural selection: 3 ways to evolve your interior style with organic materials

    Here at Lounge Lovers, we’re huge fans of natural beauty — of looks that celebrate organic materials and textures in a way that’s authentic yet elegant. Naturally, it’s safe to say we’re in love with the latest trend sweeping the design world, which combines rough and honest natural materials with enduring style classics.

    A mixture of timber, leather and steel, this look has as much timeless charm as it does industrial edge. However, with so many textures to work with, it’s important to strike a balance between contemporary and classic. 

    So how do you achieve a look that’s organic yet modern? Lounge Lovers’ in-house stylist Jason Granziera shares his top tips below.

    Strip it back in the dining area

    Natural materials are the hero of this trend, which is why it’s important to put these textiles front and centre. From the knots an

    Home styling tips
  5. Lamb recipe
    Interior trends

    The Graze Collection: Darren's Recipe for a perfect family meal

    To celebrate the launch of The Graze Dining Collection, we’ve teamed up with acclaimed chef and restauranteur Darren Robertson to share his favourite recipes for group gatherings.

    As a chef and co-owner of renowned restaurant group Three Blue Ducks, Darren’s food celebrates farm-to-table cooking that’s sustainable and features organic local produce. This rustic lamb cutlet dish is easy to prepare and tastes delicious — making it a firm family favourite for years to come.


    • 8 lamb cutlets
    • 1 bunch of broccoli
    Interior trends
  6. Dining room furniture collection
    Interior trends

    Introducing the Graze Collection: a collaboration with Magdalena Roze and Darren Robertson

    There’s something undeniably joyful about gathering with loved ones and chatting the day away, whilst nibbling on delicious food and sipping on your favourite beverage. We delight in the act of slowing down, losing track of time, and simply enjoying each other’s company — and now we’re inviting you to do it in style with The Graze Dining Collection.

    A truly exceptional collaboration between renowned journalist, food writer and cook book author Magdalena Roze and acclaimed chef and restauranteur Darren Robertson,

    Interior trends
  7. Living room styling tips
    Interior trends

    Urban retreat: 4 ways to style an oasis in the heart of the city

    Australia’s cities offer plenty of activities for the whole family, from concerts and shows to fine dining, fabulous bars, and more. However, at the end of a tough day, all we really want to do is escape.

    Some head to holiday homes and others hop on a plane to a coastal getaway…but we’re here to tell you that you can get that sense of rest and relaxation every time you set foot in the door  (with a little help, of course!). 

    This season, transform your home into the ultimate retreat with these four expert tips.

    A large comfy sofa as the centrepiece

    Regardless of whether you’re on holiday or at home, the first thing you want to do at the end of a long day is unwind. That’s why every urban retreat needs a large, sprawling sofa at the heart of the living room.

    Opt for a

    Interior trends
  8. Sofa bed
    Buying guides

    5 tips on how to choose the right sofa bed

    Like Christmas, Easter is one of those times of year when the whole family gets together to eat, drink, and gift mountains of chocolate. With the holiday just around the corner, now’s the time to ensure your home is primed for hosting your nearest and dearest.

    From getting the fancy silverware out to clearing up the clutter, there’s plenty to do when you’re welcoming guests…but arguably the most important is to ensure they have a comfortable place to snooze after the festivities are over. If you’ve been using the same bed in the guest room for as long as you can remember, it might be time to make the switch — and this year, you can’t look past the humble sofa bed.

    Sofa beds are quickly becoming a staple in our homes thanks to their versatility and compact size. Gone are the days of uncomfortable springs and lumpy mattresses — today’s sofa beds are insanely comfortable, utterly stylish, and affo

    Buying guides
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