Dining room furniture collection

There’s something undeniably joyful about gathering with loved ones and chatting the day away, whilst nibbling on delicious food and sipping on your favourite beverage. We delight in the act of slowing down, losing track of time, and simply enjoying each other’s company — and now we’re inviting you to do it in style with The Graze Dining Collection.

A truly exceptional collaboration between renowned journalist, food writer and cook book author Magdalena Roze and acclaimed chef and restauranteur Darren Robertson, Graze is a collection that’s as much about style as it is about enjoying the simple pleasures in life. 

Discover the inspiration behind this highly anticipated range below, created exclusively for Lounge Lovers.

Timeless beauty for any home

Crafted to endure, Graze is designed to serve as the heart of any home — a place where delicious meals are served, loved ones gather, and memories are made.

“The opportunity to design a range that celebrates gathering and coming together with food is a dream come true. We’re so proud of this range as it’s not only beautiful but importantly, timeless. We put a tremendous amount of energy and thought into ensuring they are the perfect combination of quality, functionality and style,” says Magdalena.

The furniture collection was inspired by Magdalena and Darren’s own newly renovated kitchen in Byron Bay, which celebrates their shared expertise and passion for food, design and hospitality.

That vision was then brought to life with the help of Lounge Lovers.

From concept to creation

The Graze Collection is the perfect embodiment of modern sophistication and rustic charm.

Designed with a focus on versatility, the range can easily adapt to a variety of interior styles, adding character and warmth to any space. The solid oak construction ensures durability, while the minimalist design allows the natural beauty of the wood to take centre stage.

Every detail was carefully considered during the initial design meetings, including product sketches, fabric swatches, and wood grain samples, to curate a range that perfectly embodies the ethos of ‘Graze’.

Magdalena and Darren's had a vision to create a range that seamlessly combines quality, functionality, and style. Working closely with the Lounge Lovers Product Development & Design Team, the duo were able to select materials and suppliers that would deliver on this vision without compromise.

Any pieces that didn't meet the exacting standards required for the range were passed on during the sampling process.

"We really appreciate the rare opportunity to partner with a brand to create a range from scratch — a process that’s taken almost 2 years. Not everything made the cut, so we’re proud to present a curated collection that is incredibly versatile yet not overwhelming in choices," says Magdalena.

The result is a collection that is perfectly suited to a wide range of homes and settings, from inner city apartments to beach houses and country barns.

Endless possibilities to Graze

The pieces in The Graze Collection are designed to be mixed and matched based on personal style and needs, making it effortless to create a functional and chic dining space.

Graze dining room furniture collection includes dining tables, benches, and chairs crafted from solid oak, with the choice of two colourways. Living room staples, including sideboards, TV units and coffee tables, also feature in the range — allowing each person to create a cohesive look in the heart of their home.

With The Graze Collection, the possibilities for creating memorable meals and experiences are endless, and Magdalena and Darren can't wait to see people connect with the range and create their own unique spaces for years to come.

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Thanks for the following suppliers for providing their beautiful items for our photoshoot:
- Handmade plates, bowls & pitchers: Melissa Lellouche
- Fresh flower bouquets: Poppy & Fern 
- Gold cutlery & wooden servers: Newbury Bar Marchants 
- Rug & cushions: Pampa